Social Climate Action Projects

Concepts of accessibility and immediate use refers to the need for quick and easy access to climate protection initiatives without hindrance or delay.

The presented Social Climate Action Projects target the reduction of light vehicle fleet emissions through the fleetwide implementation of the Combustion Control Application.
The Combustion Control Application is an innovative, barrier free retrofit application for all light vehicles with diesel or gasoline engines.

The forecast results from 154 country Social Climate Action Projects indicate that the active light vehicle fleet has positively contributed to emission reduction. This is a promising sign that efforts to combat climate change globally are having a measurable impact. The active light vehicle fleet refers to vehicles currently on the road and in use, suggesting that existing technology is playing a role in reducing carbon emissions. This forecast is a positive indication that a combination of innovative technologies, initiatives promoting sustainable practices, and collaborative social action can have a significant and lasting impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The findings are encouraging, as they highlight the progress that can be made in the fight against climate change when we work together to address the issue.

To be a part of a country project is a wise decision not just for the environment but also the country itself. Overall, country projects are a win-win situation that help both the economy and the country reach their goals of social development and prosperity.

Numbers according to:
DIN EN ISO 80000-1: 2013-08.
Methodological convention 3.1 for determining environmental costs.
Risk/ cost rates for:

  • CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent)
  • NOx (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide)
SOM-Serviceable Obtainable Market
— average value 75% —
  • Runtime /y: EU 10, USA 10, Global 25
  • Inflation adjustment is not included.
  • Not included in the cost reductions are fines for air pollution, fuel savings and conservation of values.
  • Not included in the project profits are royalty payments from the Connected Car Application and the Sustainable Business Intelligence Application.

Forecast Country Data